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Backed up by 25+ years of clinical experience, our IV and Therapeutic Infusions can assist your body in regaining it’s balance after it has been altered by: an unbalanced diet, stress, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, sleep deprivation and chronic illnesses such as diabetes or respiratory problems or CIRS.

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Meet our founder

Dr. Maria Mackey

Dr. Maria is a pioneer in the use of IV Vitamin Drips in Sydney. She combines more than 25 years of medical experience with a friendly and personalised approach to create success stories for our clients.

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Our IV Services

The IV Klinik specialises in Vitamin Shots, IV Drips, Infusions and other treatments as a novel approach to improve health and well-being. Our underlying health philosophy is to alleviate and assist with effective strategies. Below are some of our favourite services:

IV Vitamin Drips & Therapeutic Infusions

IV Vitamin Drips and Infusions have become the secret weapon of many celebrities like Brad Pitt, Madonna, Simon Cowell and Rhianna, to name just a few. Now at IV Klinik, everyone can experience the incredible benefits, and improved well-being, provided by IV nutrition.

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Wellness Injections & Vitamin Shots

Vitamin Shots, Also call ‘Wellness Injections’, are a great and new way of replenishing and super charging your body with essential vitamins and nutrients.These small “shots” are administered in less than a minute and can aid in sleep, energy, sex drive, weight loss and other conditions caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies and imbalances.

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