New Patients: What to expect?

Backed up by 25+ years of clinical experience, our IV and Therapeutic Infusions can assist your body in regaining it’s balance after it has been altered by: an unbalanced diet, stress, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, sleep deprivation and chronic illnesses such as diabetes or respiratory problems or CIRS.

Our Klinik was founded and it’s currently directed by Dr. Maria Mackey who will welcome you personally on your first visit. Our state of the art facilities have been designed to make you feel at home and comfortable at all times. Our staff are both professional and friendly and always ready to assist you with a big smile.

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The Process

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Make your appointment online in under 2 minutes or speak to one of our friendly team members over the phone.

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Your first visit

The objective of your first visit is to gather everything we need to know about you  in order to provide you with outstanding care and service. As part of this process we will get you to fill out some simple forms and ask you a few questions about your medical history and health goals.

Please note: A $75 Initial Consultation Fee applies.

Your first IV therapy

Enjoy the benefits of your first IV Therapy delivered by the best qualified medical staff in the industry, right from the comfort of our Klinik in Neutral Bay.

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