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At IV Klinik, we’re passionate about helping our clients achieve a positive change in their life. By simply achieving nutritional balance or providing a boost when necessary, we may be able to help you improve your health and lifestyle.

But don’t take our word for it! Below are some of the recent Google reviews about our service.

    5 star review  Great energy right when you walk through the front door. The team are always interested in understanding what is going on with you and what they may be able to do to enhance your life and wellbeing.

    thumb JB Baur

    5 star review  An excellent service. I thoroughly recommend Mojo Klinik

    thumb Tim Cox

    5 star review  Such a friendly atmosphere. Really efficient and has a great vibe. Can highly recommend.

    thumb Rhae Hooper

    5 star review  Having the IV treatment made an immediate positive difference. I've had a weakened immune system for over 20 years, which makes cardio exercise difficult because I generally get a cold within a day after exerting myself. This week after having a zinc and vitamin C IV infusion, I did back to back strenuous dance classes in one night and had no sign of a sore throat the next morning. That's unheard of for me.

    thumb Kristen Fraser

    5 star review  Dr Mackie is amazing. She has a foot in the Integrative Medicine camp and also the Conventional Medicine camp. The perfect combination for me. Her clinic is clean and friendly. I highly recommend her expert care.

    thumb shannon pomeroy

    5 star review  I was lucky enough to find Dr Mackey whilst searching for somewhere to get a Vitamin B jab to help me cope with the effects of stress. What I didn’t anticipate was the level of care I would get, the really helpful conversation and the real sense of being looked after. I will absolutely be back as I feel Dr Mackey will be able to help me in a whole range of areas of my health and life.

    thumb Leigh Duncan

    5 star review  Such a great experience at this clinic today. Dr Mackey is an incredible doctor and Sam at reception was so welcoming and friendly. I can already feel the results of the infusion. It will be one of many to come

    thumb Brittany Hare

    5 star review  Maria is a caring doctor. Professional clinic, well run with wonderful client relations and attention to detail.

    thumb Trevor Harvey

    5 star review  Had a very pleasant time at the Klinick. First visit and travelled 3 hours for the IV Infusion - plan to visit again soon. R

    thumb Rhonda Silver